Canada 150

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in Unique Colours and Styles by KORITE

KORITE is ready to help Canadians bring out their true colours in preparation for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations in 2017. The proud Canadian gemstone and jewellery company has been licensed as one of the official jewellery suppliers by the Government of Canada for the nation’s milestone, bringing ammolite to the forefront. The gemstone is set in beautifully designed Canadian symbolic keepsakes and jewellery as a new collection of everyday wearable accessories.

Recognized for its vibrancy, colour and brilliance, the ammolite gemstone will be gifted to dignitaries around the world to promote Canadian patriotism. There will be 21 keepsakes to collect with a retail price range at $79.95 CAD and $150 CAD. Set in silver plate or sterling 925 silver, the wearable accessories will showcase KORITE’s signature settings.

KORITE encourages Canadians to share the ammolite keepsakes with friends and family locally and abroad to spread the message of unity, independence and cultural diversity in Canada.

Authentic KORITE ammolite is ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.